My friends are ridiculously weird. And I love it. This is a compilation of some of the most memorable quotes over my four years in college, from Facebook, and from a bulletin board in our apartment senior year.

Eugena’s Quotes: http://genasama.wordpress.com/quotes/

General Senior Year

(1:46:59 AM) EntropyMonster: It is my job to RickRoll everyone
(1:47:31 AM) kimothy1313: and you do it so well
(1:48:36 AM) EntropyMonster: I try
(1:48:42 AM) EntropyMonster: I am Mr. Astley’s prophet!

EntropyMonster: I _loooooooooooove_ James Blunt
kimothy1313: tell him that
kimothy1313: haha
EntropyMonster: Hahahaha
EntropyMonster: Mr. Blunt! Mr. Blunt! I’m your biggest fan! I love the deep introspection in the lyrics which you set to such heartfelt melodies!

“I’ve never baked anything before. Is it hard?”
“Eh, not really. You follow instructions and if you get it right, food happens.”
– Questionable Content.

Venice smells.
They have good gelato.
There are a LOT of pigeons.
Venice by Wayne Kim.

Prof. Nicholas Zabaras in the FEM class of death: “If you don’t know how to integrate by parts, I’ll integrate YOU by parts.”

The result of a semester-long grueling awful freakishly difficult FEM class: “I would recommend not constraining it, but just holding it somehow.”

Wayne: okay…i’m going to bobsled the fuck out of my hw

Egyptian culture professor: “If it weren’t for ancient Egyptians, we wouldn’t have PowerPoint.”

twistori.com: “I hate nectarines. It’s like they tried to be a mango and then fucked up.”

Intense design author: “I am just hoping for problem statements aesthetically acceptable enough not to conjure up visions of a breadbox raped by a Cadillac in heat.”

Eugena: yeah
i was like
i need to phil that one up
without being mean
oh god

Adrian: It’s late, and I am not a thesaurus

Wayne: “I’m not a hater, I just don’t have a sense of humor.”

Junior Year

“Archimedes’ wife said ‘Eureka!’
Archimedes took a bath.
Then he discovered buoyancy.”
– Prof. Chas Willimason, my wacky British fluids professor. (Say “Eureka” slowly out loud… you’ll get it.)


genasama (3:58:10 PM): and lotsa HEADS!

genasama: IS 9 DOLLARS!!
kimothy1313: hahaha
kimothy1313: what about batman?
genasama: HAHA
genasama: sorry
genasama: woops
genasama: i didnt find batman
genasama: but i did find SNAPE!
genasama: he is affordable at 7 dollars
genasama: hahaha
genasama: nd peter parkerrr
genasama: at no love 6 dollars
genasama: HOLY SHMOKES
genasama: guess how much yoda is
kimothy1313: um, 30?
genasama: 43!
genasama: and bruce wayne is 7
genasama: there’s a lot of harry potters actually
kimothy1313: like different versions?
genasama: yeah
genasama: i saw one in swimming trunks
genasama: haha
genasama: but yeah storm troopers are cheapest
genasama: 3-4
kimothy1313: well, they are expendable clones
genasama: hahaha
genasama: yeah

Me: I’m bored.
Adrian (without missing a beat): Let’s differentiate things.

Sophomore Year

astrobradley: don’t get pregnant today, k?
kimothy1313: i’ll try
astrobradley: i know you will, but sometimes that’s not enough
astrobradley: you have to really make a conscious effort
astrobradley: sperm are everywhere
astrobradley: in the air, in the water… even in your dreams

Chris: Dude, this is an intense pencil!
Me: Is it one of those that’s contoured to your hand?
Chris: No, it’s just broken.
– my brother, over the phone.

Prof. Nicholas Zabaras, in thermo lecture: “Please do not agitate my projector.”

Laura: “Go have fun with your liquid… things…”

Hain-Lee: “What does F equal? Your mom!”
[this falls under the physics jokes category.]

Adrian: Want to get stoned with me?
Eugena: No.
Me: Only if I can throw stones at you.

Freshman Year

anything here: http://cornell.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200513605

Jay: “Kim, stop being so tall!”

“Barney ate Shanaynay because hunger overcame love.” – a combination of the most brilliant minds in Dickson 4-6.

Eugene: “I want cheese that doesn’t explode when I poke it!”

Graham: “My lips are wet with anticipation.”

astrobradley: i was in math!
astrobradley: cackling
kimothy1313: math does that to people
astrobradley: yeah

Prof. Phil Krasicky: And then the water will vaporize… that’s such a fun word! *dramatic voice* Vaporize.
Ken: I prefer steamitize.

Eugene: “I need to be defenestrated.”

Prof. Phil Krasicky, while making a rabbit skin “dance” on a vanDeGraff generator: “This could definitely go in the book of 100 Things to Do with Dead Rabbits.”

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