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I used to work in a Language Resource Lab. I only did my job of fixing computers about 10% of the time, since most people who used the lab are college students and therefore know how to use computers. Clearly, I had a lot of downtime. So I started compiling a list of websites that help kill time. I keep adding to it as I find amusing sites, of which there is a neverending supply.

I have appended a completely personally-biased rating system to this list, based on my own opinions and sense of humor. Ratings go from * (worst) to ***** (best).


ButterSafe: Sometimes stupid, sometimes wtf, sometimes lame. But occasionally laugh-out-loud-for-five-minutes funny. Good for mindless entertainment. Updated T,R. *

Cyanide and Happiness: A random, often offensive, and politically incorrect comic that you have to be in the right mindset to read. But if you’re in that mindset, it’s effing hilarious.  Updated every day, even weekends. ***

Doghouse Diaries: xkcd Lite… basically xkcd with fewer nerdy jokes. Updated M,W,F. ****

Kawaii Not: Cute things saying/doing decidedly not cute thing s (note: “kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese). It’s sadistic and funny. **

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life: A serial about two “Bohemian” robots exploring the universe after humans have died out. Philosophical and funny and intriguing. ***

Questionable Content: An indie webcomic about twentysomethings trying to get by. It’s great, if you ask me. Kind of like Friends in a webcomic, but less mainstream PG television. Updated M-F. *****

Rock, Paper, Cynic: An xkcd-like webcomic without the math references, and somewhat less sophisiticated. It has similar witty yet subtle and educated humor that I really like. Updated M-F. ***

Surviving the World: A guy writes various witticisms, observations, graphs of life, and other tidbits (“lessons”) on a chalkboard and takes a picture while standing next to them making a weird face. It’s xkcd-type humor and wit, and surprisingly refreshing and upbeat. Highly enjoyable. *****

xkcd.com: A nerdy webcomic that most math/science majors will enjoy. It takes a certain level of intelligence to understand, which is one reason I like it so much.  Updated M,W,F. *****

Picture-based Blogs:

Comixed: Jokes in comic-strip form… just go and see it if you don’t get it. A lot of them are rip-offs of 4chan memes, but they’re much cleaner, and some of them made me lol, literally. *****

Fail Blog: We all find at least some form of pleasure from other people’s failures. Videos and pictures that show the world’s inconsistencies for your viewing pleasure. ****

Fake Science: Fake “posters” of “science.” If you actually know science, it’s great. ****

F*** Yeah Anne Hathaway: Pictures of Anne Hathaway, and random captions. Oddly funny. ***

F*** Yeah Sharks: Pictures of sharks. haha. **

Fun With Graphs: Song lyrics, movie themes, and general observations in graphical form. Subtle humor that requires some brainpower (and knowledge of American pop culture), which is why I love it so much. ****

Garfield Minus Garfield: Garfield comic strips with all of Garfield’s existence removed. So it’s just Jon being super depressing all the time. It’s great. ****

I Am Hilarious: A blog that provides pictures and links from all over the internet; all kinds of random sites and photos and stuff that you could only stumble upon. It’s highly entertaining. ****

I Love Charts: Similar to GraphJam (GraphJam gets many graphs from this site), this is a compilation of observations in graphical form. *****

ICanHasCheezburger: Funny pictures of cats with captions. Also has a link for funny pictures of dogs with captions, if you prefer. The same host has links along the top of each page to the Fail Blog and Fun with Graphs, as well as several other amusing compilations along the same lines. It can keep you amused for hours. Edit: these kinds of blogs are quite prolific now: http://cheezburger.com/sites. ****

Nic Cage as Everyone: Someone photoshopped Nicholas Cage’s face into all kinds of movie posters and other iconic pictures. It’s a lot funnier than I thought it would be. ***

Picture is Unrelated: Random stupid pictures that make no sense, and are therefore mildly amusing. **

There I Fixed It: Redneck engineering… haha. Photographic proof that duct tape really can fix almost anything. ***

This is Photobomb: Photos that have funny (and unintentional) things going on in the background. ****

Sad Guys on Trading Floors: A photoblog that is exactly what it says it is… with funny captions. ****

Strange Maps: A compendium of maps that show interesting things, from different perspectives of real maps, to population analysis, to scaled maps according to various phenomena. It’s quite interesting. ****

Word-based Blogs:

Bash.org: Just go. Too hard to explain. It’s hilarious, and you’ll figure it out when you get there. ***

The Crap Factory: A splash site for a bunch of other amusing sites that will keep you occupied for a while. I enjoyed the “Curiosities” page. ***

F*** My Life: People write about how much their lives suck, in one-line sob stories. ****

Failbook: Facebook fails. One of the many Cheezburger sites. ****

It Made My Day: A FML-like website, this has a wide variety of short anecdotes that made people’s days, in lots of different ways. ***

Math Paradise: Brain teasers, riddles, and the like. Pretty enjoyable if you like that kind of thing. **

My Mom is a FOB and My Dad is a FOB: I hang out with all American-born Asian people; this is much funnier if you have or know people who have parents like these. ***

Not Always Right: Stories from people who work in retail, about particularly memorable customers. ****

One Sentence: One-sentence life stories. Very thought-provoking. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny. **

One Post Wonders: A collection of blogs that have only one post. **

Overheard in New York: People submit random and hilarious things they overhear while walking on the streets of New York City. Also includes links to Overheard in the Office, Overheard at the Beach, and Overheard Everywhere. **

Safe Pranks: A compendium of pranks that don’t hurt anyone. The tagline is “getting even without getting out of line.” Excellent! A fun read. **

Stuff White People Like: Exactly what it says. haha. I think the guy tries too hard, though. *

The Best Page in the Universe: This guy rants about technology and society, with no restraint. It’s awesome. Especially if you agree. ****

World Records: A compilation of amazing records and facts. Fairly amusing, though kind of difficult to navigate. *

Yahoo Answers: A compendium of ridiculous Yahoo Answers submissions… people are so stupid. ****

Zelda Lily: Feminism in a Bra: Usually I’m not a big fan of feminist pieces, but this blog is actually quite compelling. It’s a series of news briefs and stories with commentary, with slight feminist undertones. It’s not overwhelmingly “girl power/men suck,” just a quiet celebration of women in the news and the world, which is the way I think feminism should be. It held my attention for a few hours. **

Online Games (besides Yahoo Games) (ratings aren’t really relevant here):

OneMoreLevel: A compilation of hundreds of online flash games, with a daily game in the spotlight. Hours of entertainment.

Go! Usagi! Go!: A puzzle game involving bunnies and fun music. Yay! Courtesy of Eugena.

Lumosity: Not really a game site, but it’s full of brain teasers and other flash mind games, meant to keep your brain sharp. There’s a free 1-week trial, and after that you have to pay to play most of the games. But, I found that a week is enough to check it out.

Mesmerizing pages/videos (ratings aren’t really relevant here, either):

How Big Really: This site shows how big things (like events, planets, places, depths/heights etc.) are relative to map places you know. Enter your zip code, and it will overlay the thing on a map so you can get perspective. If you really like maps like I do, it’s awesome.

How It Should Have Ended: Alternate (and often more acceptable and funny) animated endings to movies and TV shows. Movie-philes like myself will enjoy this.

If you keep your refrigerator stocked, you will get many women: Ummm, yeah, the title says it all. Just watch it. It’s hilarious. Caveat: he says the n-word a lot, but not in a derogatory way.

Incredibox: It’s essentially a beat box engine in your browser; you can choose from different sound effects and beats and voices, and mix-and-match. It’s pretty cool, and trance-like, albeit slightly creepy.

Irod Bad and Indiada Jodes: Again, just watch. Unless you haven’t seen Iron Man or Indiana Jones: Kindom of the Crystal Skull, respectively. They won’t have nearly the same effect. Also, much funnier with lots of people. Courtesy of a typical random weekend in 3D.

The Alot explained: If you’re like me and freak out when someone fails to put the space between a  and lot when speaking about a large amount of something, this website will lessen the pain for you.

This is why I’m hot: Just watch it. If you have even the slightest idea what/who Kirby is, it’s AWESOME. Part of an inside joke with college friends.

Yooouuutuuube: This is cool. You input the link of any youtube video and it will display it in a way you won’t forget. Just check it out. This is a good video to start with: Sheffield Jumpers.

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