About Me

I went to college at Cornell University in New York, graduated in May 2009. My major was mechanical engineering. It was the worst and best four years of my life so far. I’ll never forget it.

I was born in Boulder, CO, and grew up there. It’s a beautiful place to go home to.

I’m 6’1″. I don’t really like it that much, but there are perks. Spending at least $100 for each pair of 37″-inseam pants is not one of them. Buying said pants at a chain store called “Tall Girl” is.

I have played viola for eleven years, and I was in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra for four years.

I’m rather compulsively neat and organized.

I’m very easily amused and I love “guy humor,” like “that’s what she said,” and I prefer hanging out with mostly guys, with the occasional girl thrown in.

And, obviously, I do my best thinking in the shower. Yay.

If you DO know me, fill out my Johari Window!

I did that ridiculous “25 Random Things” meme that’s been spreading around Facebook and the interwebs… here it is if you’re interested (2/7/09).

1. I’ve kept a blog since junior year in high school, and written many things I’m now ashamed of, and things I’m proud of. I used LiveJournal until July 2008, when I started a WordPress blog.

2. I’ve kept a personal journal/diary (I never know what to call it) since Freshman year of high school. It is the most valuable thing I own. I am about to start Volume 16. If you ever can’t figure out what to get me for a gift, a blank journal is perfect, since I use them up quickly. Haha.

3. I have an “impressive” list of injuries/illnesses/surgeries/medical things that I hate talking about, but I will here for the sake of randomness (and “holy crap” factor). 6th grade, I got mono from the school drinking fountain. 7th grade, I got mono again, believe it or not. 8th grade, I broke my leg in three places by slipping on a wet field, and had to have a 6-inch titanium plate installed 3 weeks later. 9th grade, I got my tonsils out. 10th grade, I got the plate taken out. Also 10th grade, I trashed my elbow in gym class and had to wear a Robo-Cop arm brace for several weeks. 12th grade, I spraned my ankle severely and had to take my calculus final on Vicodin. Freshman yr. of college, I severely sprained the other ankle playing basketball. Yep. That’s it.

4. I learned how to sew when I was about 7, and got my own sewing machine when I was 12 ish. I sewed my own prom dress, and I make my own clothes from time to time. I also cross-stitch, knit, and quilt.
5. If I could go back, knowing what I know now, to when I was deciding what major to pursue, I would be an architect.
6. I love snow with a passion. I don’t know many feelings better than walking around in softly falling snow. So peaceful.

7. I only had one school picture with braces on, 9th grade.

8. It took me until 4 years after living in Colorado for 18 years to learn how to ski. And I love it.

9. Anyone who knows me well knows this, but I love taking things apart. In elementary school I dissected an old IBM computer for a science fair project. I take things apart all the time to find out how they work, and I can usually get them back together and working.

10. I’m scared of caves. Only partially lit ones. I’m not afraid of spiders, snakes, bugs, heights, death, or anything typical.

11. I have every single Animorphs book ever written except for one. I have read each of them at least three times.

12. I didn’t know what Mario was until late high school.

13. The person I am now is vastly different from the person I was in high school. I thought I knew who I was at the end of high school, but I was very wrong.

14. I only wear one contact. My right eye has 20/15 vision, and my left eye is about 20/50 and getting worse.

15. I try to be different whenever I can, if possible. I wanted to go to a different college from all of my friends. I always took a different sequence of classes than the rest of the people in my major. I want to apply my engineering degree to something that’s not designing rocket ships, or builidng robots. I want to be different.

16. I love being confided in and giving advice, and I’m good at keeping secrets.

17. One of my favorite pastimes is making playlists. And organizing things in similar fashion to making playlists. I also love packing and I’m really really good at it. If anyone ever needs help packing, call me. Haha.

18. The CSO Berlin trip in January 2007 completely turned my life around. I met people who like me for me, and around whom I can be myself. It could not have come at a better time in my life, either. Fall 2006 was one of the darker parts of my life. I was really unhappy. But after Berlin, my life changed. The trip was fantastic. I’ll never forget it, nor the people I met there.

19. I love photography, and when I have the time and the means to buy a DSLR (I LOVE the Nikon D40), I want to go on a photo tour of Europe.

20. I love getting my hair cut. I also love when people play with my hair.

21. I never really learned the proper way to write; it always seemed to be the OTHER class learning the method (all my elementary school grades were split into two classes). I eventually figured out how to get my letters consistent, but I’m still not that happy with it. Other people seem to like it, though.

22. I really like sitting around doing nothing. It’s actually one of the reasons I like winter so much: when it’s cold and dark outside there’s nothing to do but sit inside and read or watch movies or knit/cross-stitch or surf the internet or hang out with other people doing nothing.

23. I love being nostalgic. All the ticket stubs, stickers, mementos, and other little paper-like things I get on a daily basis I keep, and put in my journal/diary. I also have a box of trinkets that remind me of people and places and fun times. I have a playlist of songs that all remind me of something or someone, whether it’s personal or not. I listen to it at least once a week, and it grows steadily; there are about 160 songs in it right now.

24. I want to live near the ocean for at least some of my life. The Oregon coast is my favorite place ever; watching the sun set over the pacific ocean while sitting on a bluff with sand in my pants, watching my dad tend to a small stream that we had just diverted 500 feet across the beach is one of my fondest memories.

25. I befriend girls much faster than I do guys, but I like and value friendships with guys a LOT more. Girls irk me, for the most part. I don’t really know why.

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