Posted by: kimothy | January 1, 2010

A New Year…

So, it’s a new year. 2010. The “aughts” are over (everyone laughs at me when I call them that, but whatever). And, cliche as it is, I’m using the new year as grounds for several new beginnings. 2009 was a rollercoaster year, for sure… there were a lot of good parts, but also a lot of bad parts. I’m glad it happened, but also glad it’s over. Time for a new beginning!

Anyway, aside from all kinds of potential career-related changes that are happening, my easiest change is a return to my photoblog! I will aim to post a picture every day of 2010:

I stopped updating my photo blog at the end of October when my job status took a turn for the worse (if you want to know more, ask me… it’s too in depth for a lighthearted blog entry), and Maslow’s Hierarchy took over… but now, hopefully, I’ve figured enough out so that I can start enjoying more of the top of the pyramid again. We’ll see.

Let’s see if I can stick to the blog this year. I don’t believe in huge super life-changing resolutions, since they never really last past January anyway… but hopefully posting a picture every day is an attainable goal.


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