Posted by: kimothy | September 30, 2009

The Life Through The Lens

So I have created a photoblog officially, for those who haven’t found it yet:

Rather than using this current blog as a photoblog, I created an entirely new WordPress blog for it. Since I feel the need to explain myself to Mr. I-Comment-On-Everything-Ever (you know who you are… actually, so does everyone else), I shall.

a) I really like the photoblog theme I found on WordPress, for the new site. It picks the colors for the site based on the colors in the photo it’s currently displaying. I wish the empty strips on the sides were black instead of white (the emphasis would be so much nicer), but I don’t know how to change that. I don’t know enough CSS (that’s next on the list of things to learn in my spare time). But still, that’s a small problem. I also don’t like the front page; if there’s no photo on it, it’s ugly and unceremonial, but if there is a photo on it, the photo is massive and defeats the purpose of a front page (also, that one photo will get old quite fast). Again, not sure how to fix it. But those are just bugs to work out.

b) Going off (a), if I were to use this current blog as a photoblog, I would have to switch the theme to the photoblog one, since I don’t think this theme is good for displaying photos. And, like I said, the format without a photo is ugly. Maybe if I learn enough CSS I can change that, but for now, I think a separate site will be easiest.

c) I decided, rather than doing themes, I would just post my photos at random, photoshopped or not, just to display my work. I’ll create fairly detailed categories, to sort them somewhat, but the posting will be random. I think that kind of captures the essence of photography, from my standpoint: if something catches my eye as I’m walking around with my camera, I stop and take a picture of it (much to Adrian’s chagrin, if he’s with me), no matter what it is, or what I’m trying to photograph at the moment.

d) Subject to change! And I’m always open to suggestions, though I might not always follow them.

I’m really liking web design and presentation of information on a computer… it’s making me think I would have done well in a graphic design or web design academic path. Maybe my next big venture will be buying a domain and making my own website from scratch, the XHTML/CSS way. I really really like having evenings and weekends to myself… no homework to get in the way of life! Of course, my life is kinda boring and sometimes sucky right now… but that’s in no way a permanent thing.

Whee optimism!

Edit one day later I figured out how to make the background black. It’s pretty much the easiest thing ever. BUT… you have to pay to custom edit the CSS on WordPress. DAMMIT.

Edit part two I decided to post one picture per day. That’s a good amount, right? Not too many, not too few. Also, I took off the stupid front page and now it just shows the most recent post (it didn’t before when I was creating it; must have been buggy or something). So, in theory, there will be a new front page every day!

Edit part three Looks like I’m using this blog to rant about changes to my other blog. Haha.



  1. hey. i do not comment on everything ever. just all y’alls stuff. instead of blogging, i comment, heh

    hahahha, now i will proceed to comment on TWO of your blogs mwahahahaha oh shit i’m gonna be late for a meeting bye

  2. way to prove my point, aaron. haha.

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